Obamateurism of the Day

You know, I think that Barack Obama may finally have figured out this accountability thing after eighteen long months of blaming everything on his predecessor.  Yesterday, as Allahpundit noted, Obama acknowledged that voters would hold him accountable, and should, if the jobs numbers don’t start improving.  In fact, Obama even said the “A” word:

“It’s hard because you don’t see immediate gratification,” the president acknowledged Thursday. He said his message to people out of work was that his administration was doing everything possible to create an environment in which private sector jobs could expand.

“But I’m not any more satisfied than they are,” Obama said. “And until they can find a job, I expect to be held accountable.”

Immediate gratification?  Dude, you’ve been President for eighteen months.  You yourself promised that your $862 billion Porkulus plan would keep unemployment below 8%, and as this chart shows, that significant job growth would have already started in the previous two quarters:

But hey, that’s all right.  At least Obama finally acknowledged that he’s responsible for this mess, and stopped blaming George Bush for his — er, wait:

Americans, Obama said Thursday, don’t have a “selective memory.”

“They’re going remember the policies that got us into this mess as well,” Obama said, referring to the previous Republican administration. “And they sure as heck don’t want to go back to those.”

Oh, well.  Almost halfway through his term in office, and apparently no one has told Obama that he’s in charge, and has been for 18 months.

However, about the policies of the past and going back to them, PJTV’s Andrew Klavan has a few words to say about that, with an assist from the Media Research Center (via Newsalert):

Funny how all of those policies that Obama hated suddenly look a lot better once he got burned by his own. We’ll see if he learns the same lessons on economics, or at least on calendars and accountability.

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