Reid: Ya, sure I support the lawsuit against Arizona

That’s the big takeaway from this interview of Harry Reid by a Nevada television station this weekend, but it’s not the only point of hilarity. The interviewer starts off by asking Reid how he can make an argument that Sharron Angle would be worse in office than Democrats who currently control Congress, and Reid answers by saying that Bush lost 3 million jobs, er, too. Reid then defends the economic policies of this administration and Congress by touting the effects of the homebuyer tax credit and Cash for Clunkers, two programs that did nothing but steal future sales. The housing market just collapsed due to the expiration of the tax credit — which Reid then misleadingly claims to have extended (only the closing date was extended; no new sales are permitted). But John McCormack at the Weekly Standard picks up on the one endorsement that will probably cost Reid the independents he needs:

JON RALSTON: “So that is a yes, you support the administration’s lawsuit?”

HARRY REID: “I think it is important that we determine what the . . .”

JON RALSTON: “So that is a yes right?”

HARRY REID: “Ya, sure.”

As John notes, the last Rasmussen poll of likely voters from three weeks ago shows that 63% of Nevadans oppose such a lawsuit, and only 29% support it. Among independents, it’s even worse, 25/65. Only 44% of Democrats support the lawsuit — and 43% oppose it.

If Reid is hoping to convince people that Angle is the extremist, he’s doing his best to make Angle’s point instead.