Video: Zuckerman scoffs at WH "pro-business" claims

When Mort Zuckerman talks, er, Barbra Streisand listens — and so does MSNBC. The White House has begun a pushback against the gathering consensus that the Obama administration is overtly anti-business, but Zuckerman won’t have it. In his appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe this morning, Zuckerman ripped Rahm Emanuel for arguing that the administration supports business, and pointed to the explicitly hostile statements that officials have made all along about businesses being thieves, villains, and cheats that the government has to bring to heel. Someone on the panel says, “That’s just rhetoric,” to which Zuckerman gives a harsh retort:

Rhetoric is damned important for investors, who have to concern themselves with the long-term prospects of their actions.  It doesn’t take EF Hutton for everyone to notice that the massive new regulatory regimes proposed and imposed by Democrats will hike costs and trim returns, as well as limit economic choices for investors and consumers alike.  Why would anyone want to jump into a market while the White House is conducting class warfare and populist demonization of investors?  Why, that would be as stupid as those same folks contributing big dollars to class warriors and demonizers, and that wouldn’t … er … well, it won’t happen again. We hope.