Obama: We're heading in the right direction!

Barack Obama tried getting ahead of the news curve today by putting his own spin on the jobs report that has been universally seen as negative. Don’t worry, Obama told the cameras; we’re heading in the right direction! In that sense, Obama may remind viewers of another famous declaration that people should remain calm (via The Right Scoop):

How unserious was this announcement? Obama used it to launch his broadband initiative, which will cost almost $800 million and which will create … five thousand jobs. That’s $160,000 per job, but that’s not the most ridiculous calculation in this announcement. In the past month, we had over 650,000 people leave the work force, which is around 130 times the number of jobs Obama offered as a tonic for this month’s report.

And notice that President Chip Diller never mentions that factory orders fell off for the first time in nine months, back to a low not seen since shortly after Obama’s stimulus plan passed.  How’s that for “the right direction”?

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