Pete Stark: "Our borders are quite secure, thank you"

When we last looked at Rep. Pete Stark’s idea of constituent outreach, he was expounding on the virtues of urine conservation — by telling a voter that he “wouldn’t dignify you by peeing on your leg. It wouldn’t be worth wasting the urine.” See how much of this latest example you can stomach from Stark, who manages at once to be smug, rude, condescending, and completely flat-out wrong, all while explicitly refusing to perform the constitutional duty of securing the nation’s borders. Bookworm Room and the Boss Emeritus both have the nine-minute-plus video:

Even when you get beyond the normal Stark lunacies, such as asking a constituent “How many people did you kill today?”, Stark is … well, stark raving nuts. He claims that the borders a “quite secure,” a status that not even the Obama administration claims.  He also tells his constituents that the bracero program for agricultural workers still exists, when it was shut down decades ago.  Stark also does a weird tango between accusing the so-called minutemen of mass murder for their attempt to patrol the southern border and alternately accusing his constituents of cowardice for not volunteering to secure the border themselves.

There probably isn’t much hope of replacing Stark.  He represents a San Francisco Bay district that includes Alameda, Hayward, and Fremont, which isn’t exactly an epicenter of Tea Party activism.  One might think that Democrats might want to replace Stark before he ends up alienating too many more of his constituents, though, and start creating a demand for someone a little more moderate, coherent … and sane.