Video: Rubio blasts Obama Gulf response as "catastrophe" in itself

Give Marco Rubio credit for taking a comparatively moderate tone in this exclusive interview with The Shark Tank.  Javier wants to get Rubio to say that Barack Obama is intentionally screwing up the Gulf spill response, but Rubio won’t take the bait.  Instead, he says that the response itself is a “catastrophe” of its own, authored by a team that is clearly operating outside of its depth in crisis management.  “Every skimmer in the world should be in the Gulf right now,” Rubio says:

Rubio also takes his shot at Charlie Crist as well.  When Javier reminds Rubio that Crist has spoken approvingly of Obama’s response, Rubio says, “He’s the only man in Florida” who is.  Rubio also says that Governor Crist has a political motivation in praising Obama’s efforts, in attempting to convince Obama supporters to vote for Crist in November.  That will almost certainly be a declining constituency.