Stewart launches "AssQuest 2010"

Think of the nuance this phrase would have had in the Clinton administration!  Ah, well, we’ll just have to settle for the more mundane sense of “AssQuest 2010,” courtesy of Jon Stewart at Comedy Central.  The relevant bit comes in at the three-minute mark of this clip if you want to skip ahead, but you’ll miss a little playful skewering of the media if you do.  Stewart blasts the entire Obama/Captain Kickass attempt to show emotion by pointing out that Obama had plenty of time and plenty of notice to clean up MMS and prevent this kind of disaster over the first sixteen months of his presidency.  Don’t bail out early, either, because you’ll wind up missing the Allahpundit heartache moment from the iPhone 4 rollout, which Stewart puts to good use (via The Right Scoop):

Ass Quest 2010
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As I wrote earlier, the problem isn’t that President Spock hasn’t shown emotion. No one wants to see a President on a crying jag, and for Obama it comes off as phony and staged anyway. The problem is that Obama hasn’t shown any substantive engagement, just as he didn’t on ObamaCare. Oh, he showed up occasionally and got crabby with Congress, and gave plenty of speeches everywhere else but inside the Beltway offering platitudes on ObamaCare like, “If you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance” (and how well did that work out?), but he didn’t bother rolling up his own sleeves for over six months, and then just to harangue Republicans about bipartisanship. And now Obama shows up occasionally at the Gulf and talks big about kicking ass, but hasn’t gotten at all engaged in the solution.

If the Left is laughing at Captain Kickass, it’s probably time to retire the costume.