Reason TV: Are the rich paying their fair share of taxes?

This week, Hillary Clinton stated that the wealthy in America aren’t paying their fair share in taxes — claiming that she wasn’t speaking for the Obama administration in making that public claim. Whether that was an official policy position or not, it certainly fits well within the class warfare offered by the Obama administration and Democratic Party leadership, who have repeatedly attempted to add “surtaxes” and fees on Americans earning higher incomes, both as part of the ObamaCare bill and in attempts to penalize Wall Street. Reason TV looks at whether Hillary was right, and it doesn’t take long to reach a conclusion:

Frankly, this meme is so old and busted that Hillary’s attempt to use it practically qualifies as nostalgia. Not only are the rich paying more than their fair share, almost half of the country isn’t paying income taxes at all. The ObamaCare effort to transform most of the middle class into welfare recipients won’t help restore an actual balance. Be sure to follow the links back to Reason’s blog for more detail on exactly how wrong Hillary is.