Palin: All border states should have Arizona's immigration law; Update: Video fixed

Well, some of them already do, like California, even if they don’t seem to realize it. Other states like Minnesota and Connecticut have had proposals to adopt it, even though they’re far from the border. Sarah Palin keeps the debate and focus on immigration enforcement, making the point that the impact of uncontrolled immigration falls hardest on those who entered the country lawfully, and implicitly making the point that the federal government created this problem by refusing to enforce its laws.  That certainly didn’t start with Barack Obama, but the sanctimonious finger-wagging at citizens who want enforcement certainly did:

It’s remarkable how immigration reform has blown up in the faces of Democrats.  Just a few months ago, Obama thought he could use the issue to split Republicans and reclaim political momentum for November.  Now the debate over Arizona’s demand for enforcement has splintered his party, provided something close to political consensus among Americans, and outed the elites as hyperbolists — and as illiterates.