And today's Chutzpah Award goes to ...

Democrats have added over a trillion dollars a year in annual federal spending since taking control of Congress in 2007.  They passed an ObamaCare bill that gets more expensive every time the CBO takes another look at it.  They have over $200 billion in new spending on the docket in Congress in the next two weeks.

With that in mind, consider Nancy Pelosi’s advice to Hamid Karzai on credible governance, and try to hold your jaw in place, emphasis mine:

Congress will press Afghan President Hamid Karzai to rein in corruption, believing it is holding his country back, US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Tuesday.

Karzai is spending a week in Washington for talks to repair a rift with the Obama administration, which infuriated the Afghan leader with its public criticisms of his alleged corruption and vote-rigging. …

Pelosi was visibly moved as she showed bracelets on her wrist, which she said were presented to her by Afghan women who have found livelihoods through US aid programs.

“Women said to us… that they saw security being served by ending corruption,” she said.

“We need accountability, too. We’re subjecting every dollar we spend here to very tough scrutiny,” she said.

Very tough scrutiny, indeed!  Let’s not forget that Nancy Pelosi was the politician who assured us that we needed to pass ObamaCare in order to discover what was in it.   Is that the kind of “tough scrutiny” she has in mind?

Karzai arrived in Washington perhaps believing that the Obama administration wants him to fail after their attacks on his government earlier this year.  He’ll likely leave wondering whether Obama and Pelosi are comedians rather than politicians.  (via JWF)