Video: Mark Critz's Facebook friends

VP Joe Biden continues his Earth Day tourism by visiting Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District today in order to hit the stump for Mark Critz, the Democratic nominee to replace John Murtha in the May 18th special election. The NRCC wonders exactly what Mark Critz’ Facebook looks like today, what with buddies like Biden and pals like Nancy Pelosi coming out of the woodwork to convince Coal Belt voters to back a Democrat instead of Republican Tim Burns. Do voters there know just how much antipathy Democratic Party leaders like Chris Van Hollen and Barack Obama have for the backbone of the local economy? The world’s largest coal mines are in PA-12, after all, which makes these statements look pretty discouraging:

I’d expect Critz to delete these friends from his Facebook page — at least until after the election. Kudos to the NRCC for a good web ad, and hopefully they will follow it up with a more traditional 60-second spot for TV. If you want to learn more about Tim Burns, watch yesterday’s TEMS show for my interview with him.

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