Video: Matthews engages in thoughtful, nuanced discussion of 2nd Amendment limits

Psyche!  Chris Matthews speaks to a guest protesting the Washington DC handgun near-ban and decides to conduct a reductio ad absurdum argument to make Skip Coryell look like a nutcase.  Unfortunately, Coryell doesn’t take the bait, leaving Matthews to rail about bazookas and the danger of citizens, er, protecting themselves.   Jim Vicevich captures the moment:

As Jim says, Coryell would carry a cop instead of a gun, but a cop is rather heavy. Seriously, though, several states have now passed must-issue concealed-carry laws that require the approval of permits unless the applicant has a disqualifying event in his or her background. Minnesota is one of those states. Violent crime has not increased as a result of that legislation, and even Chris Matthews managed to survive the Twin Cities in 2008 during the Republican National Convention in the midst of armed citizenry.

Guns aren’t the problem; the problem is that criminals have guns while the government disarms law-abiding citizens. No one needs a bazooka, but those law-abiding citizens who choose to carry a gun for their protection should be allowed to do so — and our founders clearly felt the same way.