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The phrase “whether we like it or not” usually connotes a negative to which an audience has to resign themselves.  To give one example, no one ever hears, “Whether you like it or not, you’re going to get a banana split with your choice of toppings,” or “Like it or not, I’m going to get naked now.”  For some reason, Barack Obama — commander in chief of the American military, mind you — used this very construct when noting that the US “remain[s] a dominant military superpower” while addressing the Nuclear Security Summit he hosted this week. Freedom’s Lighthouse has the clip:

Er, what exactly is there not to like about having the dominant military in the world?  That status has kept us safe from state-on-state attack since World War II, when Pearl Harbor taught us that weakness invites attack.  Do we need clarification from our Commander-in-Chief as to whether he sees this as a good thing or not?  Because whether we like it or not, we’re stuck with Obama as C-in-C for the next two years, nine months, and five days.

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