Video: Herman Cain speech to the SRLC

Most of the attention at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference has been on the potential presidential nominees for 2012, or at least before it started. The delegates heard excellent speeches from the top-line names this week, but if you missed Herman Cain, you missed one of the most inspirational. Cain, an author and radio-show host, talks about the differences between rights and guarantees, but that’s just the warm-up. When Cain talks about his own life experiences battling life-threatening cancer, he is at his most powerful. The Right Scoop captured the entire speech:

After this speech, I had an opportunity to speak to Herman one-on-one. I’m still processing the video, and I hope to have it up later today or possibly tomorrow. Herman talks about that last line of his speech in more detail, so be sure to check back.

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