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Allahpundit hit this yesterday — and how could he resist? — but no set of Obamateurisms would be complete without this. I heard from a number of readers, including friends like John Ziegler, Polipundit, JWF, and more begging to feature this gem. Not only does the President profess to be a die-hard ChiSox fan and then can’t manage to name any favorite players from any era, Barack Obama blathers about how he’s a South Side guy who lived only a couple of blocks from the stadium … and then promptly mispronounces its name … for the second time:

Commentator: Who’s one of your favorite White Sox players growin’ up?

BHO: You know, uh… I… thought that, uh… you know, the truth is that a lot of the Cubs I like too. But I did not become a Sox fan until I moved to Chicago. Because I, uh… I was growin’ up in Hawaii. So I’ve actually been an Oakland As fan. But, when I moved to Chicago, I was livin’ close to what was then Kaminsky Park, right? And went to a couple of games, and fell in love, and the nice thing about the Sox is it’s real blue-collar baseball. You know, we always tease about the Cubs, they, you know they’re up at Wrigley… sippin’ wine, playin’ those day games, they’re havin’ a good time…

My esteemed blogging partner gave Obama a bit of a pass for not knowing the names of the ballplayers, but I’m not as generous. After all, Obama had just made a big show of pulling out a ChiSox hat when throwing out the first pitch for the Washington Nationals, and claimed to have done it because of his deep affection for the team. He put himself in that position, and wound up being exposed as a grandstanding poseur who knows nothing about the team.

JWF wonders whether Obama’s affection for the ChiSox didn’t materialize in 2005. I’d guess 1995, during his first campaign for the state legislature, but either way it seems to run a mile wide and an inch deep.

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