Exclusive: Steny Hoyer explains taxing Americans for lack of health insurance

Well, actually, he doesn’t, although he should. My good friend Jason Mattera graciously allowed us first crack at publishing his brief interview with House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, taped by his colleague Alyssa Cordova of the Claire Boothe Luce Institute. The author of the new book Obama Zombies: How the Liberal Machine Brainwashed My Generation starts off the chat pleasantly enough, disarming Hoyer by thanking him for all his work on health-care reform, before asking him exactly who thought it was a good idea to sic the IRS on Americans for not buying the right kind of health insurance:

In a sense, you have to feel a little sorry for Hoyer, who appears to have bought Jason’s momentary nice-guy approach. That sympathy rapidly disappears when it’s obvious that Hoyer really has no good answer for allowing alleged tax cheat Charlie Rangel to write these new tax laws that will force Americans to pay fines if the IRS doesn’t approve of their health-insurance coverage, with tax cheat Tim Geithner ultimately in charge of those efforts. If Hoyer and the Democratic leadership can’t feel shame over that sorry record, the least they can feel is embarrassment.

Be sure to get your copy of Jason’s book, either through his site or through the links on this page:

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