Video: Coffee Party group therapy session

Lee Doren does a hilarious deconstruction of the Coffee Party, mainly by letting the Klatschers talk for themselves. Sounding as though they are attending a 12-step program for grief resolution, the activists mouth banalities about agreement and democracy, but appearances can be deceptive. While posing as centrists looking for a little peace in the valley, Lee does a little research on the leaders of this nascent movement and discovers … Obama activists:

Their idea of democracy is also interesting. “Democracy isn’t supposed to be about two teams fighting … it is about [a] community of people advancing common good.” Besides the fact that we’re a representative republic (with democratic processes), the notion that democracy is all about agreement certainly has the virtue of novelty. After all, if everyone agreed on how to advance the common good, you wouldn’t need democracy.  This sounds very similar to Barack Obama’s continued insistence that people need to stop talking about health-care reform and just accept his proposal.

Besides, why does the Coffee Party need to “restore democracy in America”?  The candidate they backed won the last election, as did the party they backed for Congress.  Do the Klatschers believe that Democrats have destroyed democracy in America?  Maybe they have more in common with the Tea Party than people think!