Video: Crowder's update on Ground Zero progress

Steven Crowder files what may be his last video for Pajamas TV on the progress of reconstruction in Ground Zero … and while the answer may not surprise anyone, it certainly demonstrates the problem with government-run projects. When terrorists destroyed the World Trade Center plaza, an American consensus immediately demanded a rebuilding effort to show our defiance of those who tried to force us into submission. Make it bigger and better! became the cry. Eight and a half years after the destruction, all we have is still a gaping hole in the ground, and Steven explains why:

The new WTC 7 stands as an accusation to everyone involved in the rest of the project. If Silverstein could rebuild that quickly, then why can’t the federal and state governments in charge of the rest of the plaza?

We’re used to getting entertained by Steven, but this may be his best work yet. No matter where he winds up, he’s going to be worth watching.

Addendum: As a side note, I finally got a chance to meet Steven at CPAC — and he is just as nice as you’d imagine from the videos, and more.