Open thread: Obama health-care summit; Update: Video link added

This health-care summit is already off to a great start. The White House leaked a scaled-down proposal just days after unveiling a formal proposal so vague that the CBO couldn’t score it. Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi will kick things off at the summit by laying out her approach to any hint of a new direction for ObamaCare. In her opening statement, Pelosi will specifically reject what she calls “incrementalism,” demanding instead the kind of sweeping reform that has made ObamaCare political poison for Democrats living outside of San Francisco:

Traveling around the country, we’ve all heard stories about people unable to pay their medical bills. I’ve even seen a grown man cry – a senior citizen from Michigan, whose wife had been sick for 16 years. He didn’t know how he’d pay the medical bills. He was too proud to ask his children for help – they had financial challenges of their own. He worried he might lose his house because of the cost of care. All he could ask was: how can I tell my children?

His story and others illustrate why reform is so critical and why inaction and incrementalism are simply unacceptable.

Both “inaction and incrementalism” are unacceptable? They’re not the same thing, as even some of her Democratic allies have begun to realize. A sweeping reform in the wrong direction would be much worse than incrementalism that could later be reversed without doing extensive damage to the system — and it would be worse even than doing nothing at all.

What do you think the outcome will be? Take the poll:

Update (AP): NBC should be streaming it live in this player as it gets going.

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