Video: My bleary-voiced C-SPAN phoner

OK, in my defense, I sound like I just woke up because … well, I had just woken up. I did most of my work last night to put together the video posts, and I overslept my alarm. Some bloggers work in their pajamas — I hadn’t even rolled out of bed. On the whole, though, I thought this went pretty well. Pollster Ed Goeas had already begun to provide some sound analysis to C-SPAN’s Steve Scully, and the questions were straightforward and interesting. I didn’t trip up until the last question, when Steve went a completely different direction than I expected:

From the set-up, I assumed that Steve wanted to talk about the acquisition when he brought Hot Air, and his question took me by surprise — which is why I took much longer than I needed to simply answer, “Hey, I don’t know.” I didn’t have that problem when he asked me who the 2% of responders in the CPAC straw poll were who approved of the job Barack Obama has done.

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