CPAC Interview: Tim Pawlenty

This turned into one of the more enjoyable interviews I have had so far at CPAC. Governor Tim Pawlenty knows me a little bit and had some fun with me when he hit my corner of Blogger Row. He stood on a chair to make me look even shorter by comparison, and then scolded me for being cheap with my wife on our 16th anniversary, a portion of which carries into the interview. We both got serious enough to talk about Pawlenty’s well-received speech at CPAC, the lawsuit our state legislature filed against him for not spending the money they authorized, and his work in supporting GOP candidates around the country:

Pawlenty’s Freedom First PAC has been very active already in this cycle. Expect Pawlenty to be a player where fiscal conservatism and common-sense governance will attract voters to a re-energized GOP.

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