Freedom Works honors Hot Air

Most readers following CPAC or my Twitter feed may already know that the convention has honored me as their blogger of the year, which will get formally presented today at noon ET as I introduce Rep. Michelle Bachmann to the CPAC attendees.  Yesterday, though, the Freedom Works organization that supports the Tea Party movement held a blogger bash after the day’s events, and Melissa Clouthier warned me that I’d better not miss the bus for this party — and then I got lost trying to find it.  Joe Taxpayer tweeted that I was “like the kid who ruins the school field trip,” as they had to send a search party out for me.  Of course, I blamed Erik Telford for it when they found me, but I managed not to miss the bus and made it to the dinner.

That was indeed fortunate, as Freedom Works had a little surprise for me after the dinner:

Dick Armey presented me with Freedom Works’ Blogger of the Year, which of course honors the work that everyone does at Hot Air.   Patrick Ruffini took this picture, and while I didn’t get a chance to say hello to Patrick, I did get to see many of the friends I have made in blogging — great writers like Val Prieto, DaTechGuy, Caleb Howe, Tommy Christopher Tabitha Hale, Katie Favazza, my new Salem colleague and old friend Guy Benson, and many more.   The Boss Emeritus was there, too, and that gave me a chance to give her my thanks in public for two wonderful years as part of her family, and let me talk longer than I probably should have.

If anyone got video of this event, I’ll post it here later today.  I just wanted to thank everyone who was there last night for all of their kind thoughts, and thank Freedom Works for honoring Hot Air — and a great party.

One last thing: I’ll be guest-hosting tonight for Hugh Hewitt on his radio show, broadcasting live from the Heritage Foundation studios starting at 6 pm ET tonight.  Be sure to tune in either on the Salem affiliate in your market, or live through AM 1280 The Patriot’s webstream.

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