Video: O'Donnell meltdown on Morning Joe

Anyone who recalls Lawrence O’Donnell’s meltdown with John O’Neill over the latter’s opposition to John Kerry in 2004 won’t be surprised at O’Donnell’s inability to behave himself with Marc Thiessen on today’s Morning Joe. O’Donnell accuses Thiessen of personally conducting terrorism himself and wouldn’t stop shouting, until finally Joe Scarborough took the unusual step of stopping the segment and announcing that he would continue the interview … “by myself.” Weekly Standard captured O’Donnell’s unhinged rant:

Why is O’Donnell still appearing on MS-NBC after his unprofessional behavior in 2004, and his generally consistent unprofessional behavior? The same network that features its “news anchor” declaring pickup trucks as racist probably doesn’t have many standards to begin with. It looks like Scarborough, who openly criticized Keith Olbermann and got a corporate smackdown for it, has had about enough of it. And who could blame him?

Update: Story Balloon has more of the interview.

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