Video: MS-NBC's Brewer claims heavy snowfall proves global warming

Give credit to MS-NBC’s meteorologist, who does his best to play this one down the middle. When Contessa Brewer attempts to refute Senator Jim DeMint’s humorous Twitter entry that the snow would continue “until Al Gore cries uncle,” he gives both sides of the argument. Brewer insists that the heavy snowstorm that has frozen the mid-Atlantic region and shut down Washington DC in a deep freeze just shows that “more severe weather” proves AGW theory (via Greg Hengler):

It might prove it except that the world isn’t actually warming. The theory about creating more precipitation is one hypothesis in AGW, but it’s supposed to come down as rain because, well, the Earth is supposed to get warmer, not colder.  Seasoned skeptics will recall the dire warnings of  more violent hurricane and tornado seasons after 2005’s dual hits of Katrina and Rita, which have gone utterly unfulfilled.

Usually, though, the rebuttal to DeMint’s jibe would be that skeptics don’t understand the difference between climate and weather.  Funny, but that distinction seems to get lost among AGW hysterics when temperatures spike upwards in the summer, as they always do.

Update: Time tries to make the same argument.

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