Breitbart TV looks back on Byrd, Boxer, Klobuchar blaming lack of snow on AGW

Earlier today, MS-NBC and Time Magazine tried to argue that the massive amounts of snow hitting the mid-Atlantic region somehow proves anthropogenic global-warming (AGW) theory, but it wasn’t that long ago that Democrats in Congress blamed AGW for the relative lack of snowfall in the same region, as well as in Minnesota. Breitbart TV and Naked Emperor News plays a Greatest Hits compendium of quotes from 2005 through 2008 from Senate Democrats Barbara Boxer, Robert Byrd, Amy Klobuchar, and Jay Inslee explaining that the lack of snow was predicted by the AGW climate models and represented an emergency requiring immediate action by the federal government:

I suspect that seeing the sun rise in the east somehow would convince these people of global warming, or at least of the need to seize the means of energy production, which is really the point. Too much snow, too little snow, snow that doesn’t form pretty crystals, and bent snow shovels all would meet the climate models — mainly because the climate models are so unreliable that pretty much any kind of weather can be claimed as evidence.

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