Video: Rubio on the Census, immigration, and the Super Bowl

Fox News wanted to get both Charlie Crist and Marco Rubio on at the same time for this spot, but Crist apparently demurrred. That gave Rubio, now the frontrunner in the GOP primary for the US Senate seat opened up by Mel Martinez’ retirement, a chance to get more specific about his objection to the manner in which the Census handles illegal immigrants. Rubio wants them counted without fear of being reported, but not included in totals used to apportion representation in Congress. He notes that states with higher percentages of illegal immigrants — like Florida — will have an unfair advantage over states that take law enforcement on immigration more seriously, which is a very distorted incentive:

Rubio picks the Saints to win it all on Sunday while giving a lot of respect to the Colts. I’m actually a bit surprised he gave an answer, but since Florida’s teams aren’t going to the big dance, a Saints pick won’t do him any harm.

This interview shows why Rubio has become the candidate to beat. He handles the media well, expresses conservative values in a clear manner, and gives every impression of a candidate willing to stick to his principles after Election Day, while Crist seems a little more interested in using the finger-in-the-wind approach.