Welcome our guest bloggers to Hot Air

Allahpundit and I have packed up our spreadsheets, Power Point presentations, and status reports as part of our first-ever Hot Air company-wide meeting!  We’re going to be mainly off-line for today and tomorrow, perhaps dropping in for a post or two, but we have left Hot Air in highly capable hands.  Coming in from the Green Room will be:

  • Slublog
  • Patterico
  • Doc Zero
  • Danny Glover
  • King Banaian
  • Karl
  • Cassy Fiano

We’ll be back on the job on Wednesday, but be sure to read the great posts from our guest bloggers — and follow their links back to their home blogs to read even more great blogging!

Now …. who was supposed to bring the donuts to the breakout sessions today?

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