Zogby: Coakley will win by less than a point

Via Allahpundit’s Twitter feed and Chris at HAP, John Zogby throws a little cold water on the Election Day vibe for Scott Brown. Or does he? Zogby isn’t known so much for deadly accuracy in polling as he is for tossing high-risk predictions that fail to meet reality. Conservatives have long taken Zogby predictions with a grain of salt — although while quoting him when the predictions suit us, of course. Has Zogby seen something every other pollster has missed? Or is he just looking to stake out the turf that has been left to him?

In either case, it’s a good reminder that the election isn’t won until the votes are cast. And even if Coakley wins this by less than a point, does anyone think that the lesson here will be lost on Democrats facing constituencies less blue and more red than Massachusetts — which would be just about every other constituency possible outside of San Francisco and New York City?

Update: Jim Geraghty reminds us on Twitter of Zogby’s record: “Just remember, Zogby’s final 2004 poll, unveiled on Election Day, showed Kerry winning by a wide margin.”