Glenn Beck keynote speaker for CPAC

Via the Right Scoop, this is good news for CPAC. They have had some flack over their co-sponsors, and a little bit of bruising over Sarah Palin’s decision to skip the conservative convention, and this will eclipse most or all of that. Having an activist personality like Beck, who has less connection to the GOP than even Palin does, will undoubtedly raise the energy level — and Beck, ever the showman, promises that “surprising things” will fall from his lips when he appears:

I’ll also be at CPAC this year for the fourth straight time. My wedding anniversary falls on the middle day of the convention, so I’ll be bringing the First Mate and staying a few days afterward to spend a little down time in the nation’s capital. I’m looking forward to meeting with most of my friends at CPAC and covering the political events, as well as doing my show from DC for a couple of days.

But I’ll also be attending XPAC, hosted by my friend Kevin McCullough, at the same hotel:

Welcome to the first annual XPAC Lounge at CPAC, an interactive entertainment and social experience for attendees to socialize and network with fellow attendees, political leaders, and prominent media and pop culture voices in conservative politics.

XPAC will provide the hottest and most popular youth conservative pop culture, political and media personalities, the newest technologies, interactive games, music, and many other interactive events.

I’ll be there to let younger conservatives kick my butt in Wii games, and to talk conservative politics with the next generation of political leaders. This should be the best CPAC/XPAC yet.

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