Video: Taylor Marsh, Matt Lewis agree ... ObamaCare is a disaster

It’s the end of the year, and we should focus on what unites us, right? Increasingly, ObamaCare has begun to fill that role. Matt Lewis of Politics Daily debates Taylor Marsh, but only in the narrowest sense of “debate.” They may have different reasons, but they both agree that ObamaCare is a disaster and should be killed by the Senate at the earliest possible moment:

Ah, the sweet smell of unity. It seems almost churlish to quibble, but Taylor seems to have an issue with the definition of “monopoly.” The private insurance industry has plenty of competitors within it, although in some states only one or two insurance companies operate (and even then, private employers self-insuring provide some competition to keep prices lower). The solution to the narrow range of choices in some states is to remove the artificial barriers to interstate competition so that consumers can choose from hundreds of different companies and thousands of different policies, not to have the government that regulates the industry crowd out the companies that compete in it.

Seriously, who came up with the “monopoly” argument anyway? Does the gas-station industry have a monopoly because the federal government doesn’t run its own chain of gas stations? Does the department-store industry have a monopoly because the Mall of America doesn’t have Congressdale’s? And can you imagine the prices and selection one would find at a Congressdale’s, anyway?

There are more death panels in ObamaCare than there are monopolies in health insurance.  And those hyperventilating about monopolies should be asked why they’re pushing a government monopoly as a solution to the nonexistent monopolies they seek to demolish.