Video: Dutch to use full-body scanners on passengers to US

The good news? The Dutch have decided to start doing full-body scans for passengers flying from Schipol to the US, the same route on which Umar Abdulmutallab attempted to attack and destroy a Northwest flight. The bad news? It will take three weeks to get up to speed. Presumably, other measures will be intensified in the meantime:

Ironically, the US has rejected this form of security measure as an invasion of privacy. Republicans and Democrats alike voted against using the back-scatter systems, apparently more comfortable with random pat-downs than with consistent monitoring. Will this prompt the US to adopt the same security the Dutch will provide us on flights originating from Amsterdam?

For a little more context on this, be sure to watch yesterday’s video of Isaac Yeffet, the former head of El Al, who rejected these machines as well as the American approach to airport security.