Classic TEMS: Adam Baldwin, Jim Geraghty, Sean Duffy

Today, the Ed Morrissey Show will have a day off for Christmas Eve, but I thought I’d offer this great program from last week. Jim Geraghty joined us to give us the Ledge Report for the first hour. Sean Duffy called to update us on his fundraising effort in his campaign to replace David Obey in Congress; it was his “Strike a Blow for Freedom” day, and Duffy succeeded in creating a contribution explosion to launch his effort. Be sure to open your wallets, because Obey’s backers will be opening theirs.

But the main attraction comes in bonus minutes — Adam Baldwin of Big Hollywood to the show. I’ve been a fan of his work since My Bodyguard and he’s currently appearing on the hit NBC show Chuck, but we spent the hour talking politics and philosophy instead of entertainment. We covered  the history of political correctness, Adam’s thought-provoking post “The Anguish of the Apostate,” the Howard Zinn history on the History Channel, and much, much more.  It was one of the most enjoyable shows I’ve done this year, and well worth a second look for all three of my guests.

I’ll also have the chat room open, but I probably won’t be around. I’m singing in the church choir for our 3:30 pm Christmas Eve mass, which shows you that our parish sticks to the letter of the scripture that says, “Make a joyful noise unto the Lord,” and not “Make an on-key noise unto the Lord.” We’ll be spending a quiet evening at home after that with some of our favorite Christmas movies and preparing for our Christmas Day with the Mathemagician, the DIL, the Little Admiral, and the Little Scribe. Oh, and also with the Big Honkin’ Kick-Butt Snowthrower, as we will get several inches of global warming today and tomorrow.

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