Honor our veterans: Project Valour-IT

This week, we celebrate Veterans Day in the midst of war. Eight years of fighting terrorists abroad has wounded many of our men and women in the armed forces, some profoundly enough to make it difficult for them to reintegrate into society without the assistance of the adaptive technology that will allow them to become productive back home. Soldiers Angels has its annual Project Valour-IT fundraising drive to provide that technology to as many of these veterans as possible, and the blogosphere has responded by raising more than $75,000!

But we need your assistance. We had hoped to raise $125,000 this year, with an understanding that 10.2% unemployment would make that a challenge. We have two days left in the contest; I’m on the Air Force team this year, and you can help wounded veterans receive adaptive-technology laptops to help them regain their productivity by donating now:

It’s difficult to think of a more worthy cause than helping those who lost so much in defending America to return to a normal life. If you can, please donate as much as possible, and help us meet our goal.