Video: Rubio jogs Crist's memory on Porkulus endorsement

Governor Charlie Crist tosses Marco Rubio a big, fat softball — and Rubio obliges him by hitting it out of the park. Yesterday, Wolf Blitzer asked Crist whether he regretted endorsing Barack Obama’s stimulus package, given the angry response from conservatives around the country and the opposition it created to his Senate bid. Crist responded by claiming that he never endorsed it at all … forgetting the magic of YouTube:

“I didn’t endorse [the stimulus]. I didn’t even have a vote on the darn thing.”

Um, Governor, wasn’t that you on the stump demanding passage of the stimulus bill? Yes, Crist asked for “bipartisanship,” but clearly from the context of these remarks, Crist was warning Republicans to play ball with Obama. Obama’s response to this had already been made plain two weeks before this appearance, when Obama told Republicans on Capitol Hill who wanted more input into the creation of Porkulus, “I won.”

Really, this is like shooting fish in a barrel, isn’t it? Crist apparently wants to ask Floridians what they believe more: him or their lying eyes. It does show, however, that even Crist gets the lessons from the elections this week — and that his “bipartisanship” looks more like opportunistic pandering in the harsh light of Porkulus’ flop.

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