Scozzafava endorses Democrat in NY-23

Doesn’t this prove the point conservatives had been making about Dede Scozzafava all along?

One day after she suspended her own campaign and declined to publicly endorse either of her opponents, Republican Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava has formally announced her support for Democratic candidate Bill Owens. …

This isn’t a huge surprise. According to the Watertown Times, Scozzafava, who is angry about the indignities she suffered at the hands of Conservative nominee Doug Hoffman, was quietly encouraging her supporters yesterday to support Owens.

In addition, her labor leader husband, Ron McDougall, issued a late-night endorsement of Owens via a statement released by the AFL -CIO, which signaled the start of a labor wave moving from Scozzafava’s camp to Owens’ side. This could prove critical when it comes to the GOTV effort.

Uh, sure, as if that 19% or so that backed Scozzafava in the race included a “labor wave”.  The union voters were not going to back the Republican in this race, outside of McDougall and a few of his buddies.  They’re already behind Owens, even with the Card Check-supporting Scozzafava in the race.  Why wouldn’t they have already wanted to give Nancy Pelosi another caucus vote?

There are two ways of looking at this.  Either Scozzafava doesn’t mind throwing Republicans under the bus for a little dog-in-the-manger revenge, or she’s a lot closer in policy to the Democrat than the conservative candidate.  Neither of those commends Scozzafava, nor the county party leaders who handpicked her to replace John McHugh.  In fact, it makes it clear that conservatives were right all along to point out Scozzafava’s unsuitability for the endorsement — and should result in replacing the GOP bosses in NY-23 who bungled it.

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David Strom 8:41 PM on January 30, 2023