Video: The very private unveiling of the Pelosi public option

Excuse me, the competitive option.  This comes from a source on Capitol Hill, where Nancy Pelosi had called a press conference to announce her version of the health-care system overhaul today.  Consider this a preview of how ObamaCare will work in the real world, once the competitive option drives insurers out of the health care market and ensures absolutely no competition to the de facto single-payer system most ObamaCare advocates not-so-secretly desire:

Who will get priority service?  Those with enough money and influence to have the prized invitations will get into the health-care parties.  Those who lack both and have no special invite?  “Stand all the way at the end.”

Eric Cantor also has this video on his YouTube channel, showing the same thing:

By the way, the bill is now on line … all 1900 pages of it.  Time to start looking for all of the questions that the Democrats didn’t want asked today.

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Jazz Shaw 5:31 PM on February 04, 2023