Video: Child bound, gagged with duct tape at school

Imagine that a parent had gotten so fed up with a six-year-old child that he had used duct tape to bind and gag the youngster to settle things down. Imagine, then, what would have happened to said parent had the child’s school found out about it. The administration would have called the police and Child Protective Services, the child would have been placed in foster care, and the parent hauled off to jail. When it happens in reverse — with the child claiming to having been bound and gagged by duct tape by the school administration — somehow, it doesn’t quite get the same response:

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The man interviewed in this clip is exactly right. Had it been the parent who did this, he or she would have had years-long legal battles on the horizon and only a moderate chance of regaining custody in the near term — and that would be true even if it hadn’t yet been established that the parent actually did what the child said.

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