Video: California treasurer tells legislature to get a clue

I’m not sure which is most amusing about Bill Lockyer’s rant to the state legislature this week. Is it his assertion that Democrats have to call out other Democrats when they run off the rails? Perhaps his telling them that two-thirds of what they produce is “just junk”? Insisting that more taxes won’t solve their problems, and that they have to start looking for ways to save money instead? Actually, all of that and more is just simple truth. Watch this first and see if you catch my favorite moment in this clip:

I’ll trust that you’ve watched it and point to this passage as the best part of the rant:

It’s impossible for this legislature to reform the pension system, and if we don’t, we bankrupt the state. And I don’t think anybody can do it here, because of who elected you. … You’re just captive of the current environment — I don’t see any way out!

Translation: Democrats are too far into the pockets of the unions to effectively govern California.  That is what created the Golden State debacle, and the marriage to the unions keeps the Democrats from making the budgetary decisions necessary to rescue California from ruin.

However, even if Bill Lockyer can’t see any way out, I see one: stop electing Democrats to the Legislature.  If the state GOP doesn’t have this clip in ads by the end of next week, maybe California needs better GOP leadership, too.

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