Video: Deeds and the WaPo endorsement

How valuable will the Washington Post endorsement be to Creigh Deeds in his quest for the Virginia governorship? So valuable that it already is prominently featured in a campaign ad … for his opponent, Bob McDonnell, who has a comfortable lead in polling. The GOP hammers one particular point in the endorsement repeatedly. Want to guess what it is?

I’m reminded of a classic editorial cartoon by the late, great Jeff MacNelly, titled The Carter Endorsement – showing Carter as a relay runner and Walter Mondale doing everything he could to avoid grabbing the baton.  With endorsements like this, one hardly needs opposition.  It’s an amusing moment of political backfire, especially so since it comes from the Post, which attempted to “macaca” McDonnell with an old college thesis — an attempt that failed miserably.  Maybe they should have praised McDonnell instead….

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