WCPAC Interview: Chuck DeVore

I have three more interviews from Western CPAC to air today, and I’ll spread them through the day. First is Chuck DeVore, one of the conservatives running for statewide office in primaries against celebrity opponents. DeVore wants to run against Barbara Boxer in her re-election campaign next year. DeVore has to win the Republican primary against Carly Fiorina, the former Hewlett-Packard CEO who served as a campaign adviser to John McCain in 2008. In meeting with bloggers at WCPAC, DeVore tells us why he’s delighted that Fiorina will enter the campaign, and that’s not just false campaign bravado:

We had a few opportunities to talk with DeVore over the course of the event, and each time he impressed as a man who relishes a debate on principles. Both he and Steve Poizner have celebrity opponents in the upcoming election; Poizner will run for governor against Meg Whitman (more later on that). DeVore believes that he will benefit from Fiorina’s national profile will mean more fundraising opportunities for DeVore. He’s already generated some impressive numbers, and polling shows him even with both Fiorina and Boxer. Fiorina, by the way, never made an appearance at WCPAC.

Speaking of national fundraising opportunities, Boxer will undoubtedly get plenty of attention from around the country for the opportunity to send her into retirement. DeVore wants to be the candidate who wants to return Boxer to “ma’am” status, and I’m certain he’ll get plenty of support for that mission.

Note: My camera ran out of juice during the interview, but Melissa Clouthier got the audio of the entire blogger conference.

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Jazz Shaw 5:31 PM on February 04, 2023