Video: WH to Scarborough - stop being an "a-hole"

Tommy Christopher at Mediaite puts together a mashup-up of unmissable moments from Morning Joe this morning, but none with the clarity of the moment that comes at the 1:30 mark of the clip, as the White House responds in real time to Joe Scarborough’s insistence that Barack Obama is no … Marisa Tomei. What’s so controversial about that?

In the last three minutes, Scarborough goes on a rant about Rush Limbaugh, who called Scarborough a “chickified” conservative in response to Scarborough’s worry about cheering the lost Olympic bid. Scarborough accuses Rush and other Republicans and conservatives of keeping their “testicles in a blind trust” for George W. Bush for eight years, which only proves that Scarborough didn’t bother to listen much to Rush during that period of time. Rush stoutly defended Bush on his foreign policy, but routinely ripped Republicans for their massive spending.

On that score, Scarborough also manages to get the deficit blame wrong. The FY2009 deficit of $1.5 trillion has more to do with Democrats than Bush. While Bush committed $700 billion in TARP bailout funds, that got pushed by Nancy Pelosi harder than anyone. Democrats also bypassed Bush on that budget, refusing to pass the FY2009 plan until after Obama took office — and they didn’t bother to cut spending at all to accommodate that TARP bailout. Instead, they hiked spending substantially, which created the record deficit this year. For that matter, Democrats controlled Congress and spending for the FY2008 budget, too. Perhaps Scarborough should pay a little more attention. (via Gateway Pundit)

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