Video: My speech to the Defending the American Dream Summit

So Hugh Hewitt and I are sitting backstage in the Green Room waiting for our turn to speak at the Defending the American Dream Summit after Newt Gingrich gave a rousing opening address to the general session on Saturday morning, and we figured that the pattern of speeches would favor us afterward.  Not exactly.  Senator Jim DeMint gave an energetic speech, and that was followed by Herman Cain, who blew the roof off of the place … just in time for Hugh and me to take the stage.

Steve from No Runny Eggs managed to grab video of my appearance, and while the video’s a little unclear, the audio’s good.  Instead of hammering on ObamaCare, which I assumed most of the speakers would address, I focused on the need to overhaul the tax code system.  It’s not anywhere near Herman Cain’s brilliant speech, which I will post when I can get it, but I had fun with it nonetheless.  Hope you enjoy.

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