Audio: Candidate gets caught saying what he really thinks

I’m not sure which is the more compelling about this clip of Kentucky’s Lieutenant Governor Dan Mongiardo speaking to an associate while assuming no microphones were live. Is it his dismissive attitude about fellow Democrat, Governor Steve Beshear, whom he calls the state’s “worst” governor ever? The accusation that Beshear is “screwing” him “every way possible”? For my money, it’s what Mongiardo has to say about his run for Jim Bunning’s Senate seat in 2010 — and it’s not safe for work (via Taegan Goddard and KY Revolution):

“I have always said that the only difference between Fletcher and Beshear is Beshear has not had a blowup yet. But it is coming.”

“It would not hurt me at all to see Steve (Beshear) go down. I think he’ll (Beshear) go down…I think he’ll (Beshear) go down in history, if he makes it through, as the worst.”

“My loyalties are…I don’t have…I have zero loyalties with Beshear.”

“Who’s doing a fundraiser this quarter? Steve Beshear is for Steve Beshear…one in Lexington..and one in Louisville…he is trying to dry my money up. He (Beshear) is screwing me every way possible…and what do I get out of it…we finally begged him to show up for one in Northern Kentucky. He is not going to lift a finger, he is not going to do a damn thing, he is just going to show up and his name is going to be on the invite…listen there is no love…”

I am this close to saying f**k it all. I do not need this job. I do not need the U.S. Senate.

Gee, the opposition ads just write themselves, don’t they? However, Mongiardo might turn this into a net plus. After all, maybe Kentucky voters want a Senator who doesn’t want to deal with politics on the campaign trail.  Perhaps Mongiardo could start the FIA Party and run as a third-party candidate.  If that entailed a policy of saying F**k It All to vast swaths of the federal bureaucracy and the end of excessive government intrusion into private business, I might even be sympathetic to it.

I somehow doubt it, however.

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