The obligatory second video of kids singing about Obama

After the exposure given the creepy hosannas sung to Barack Obama in a New Jersey school this past week, it’s not terribly surprising that people have begun to scour YouTube for any other examples of indoctrination in elementary schools. Several people have e-mailed me this clip, claiming it to be the next in the series, but it’s far more goofy than offensive. Obviously the teacher, “Mr. B”, was giddy enough to write a song about Obama’s election and have his kids sing it the next day, but except for the “Yes yes yes yes yes we can” in the chorus, it mostly avoids glorifying Obama and focuses on kids staying in school so that they can become president. And what’s with the rooster at the end?


Obama is the President!
First African America in history
44th president of the United States
The ground has shifted
The world has changed!

Oooo Im a proud American
Oooo yes yes yes yes YES WE CAN!

Im going to study really hard just like Barack
Learning never ever stops
Gonna set my goals HIGH and graduate
You might be looking at the President of 2048!

We are a nation of a thousand colors, look at me
Our strength is our diversity
Walking hand in hand we sing
Each a day a little closer to the dream of Dr. King

In my opinion, this is harmless. Obama’s election was historical, and that seems like a reasonable point to teach children in school, especially the day after the election when this was shot.  No one’s worshiping Obama in this song.

If I could have offered one suggestion to Mr. B, I think it would have been … more cowbell.


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