Video: Obama events sound rather ... familiar

Congressman Tom Price wonders whether viewers of this video can distinguish between Barack Obama the candidate, and Barack Obama the President, in these clips of his public appearances. These days, the best way to distinguish between the two is by comparing his record to his rhetoric, but the chair of the Republican Study Committee has another point in mind. Obama seems to be doing a lot more campaigning than governing these days, and the only people getting truly “fired up” are his opponents:

We talk about the permanent campaign, but this is a little ridiculous. The best way to tell between campaigning and governing is that Obama appears most often now with a suit coat when in public. Otherwise, it’s all campaign, all the time — and he is outsourcing his leadership to Nancy Pelosi, who has run wild with a radical agenda.

He wanted to be President. Maybe he should spend some time being that, instead of the Oval Office Campaigner in Chief.

Update: According to Mary Katharine Ham, his efforts as Campaigner in Chief aren’t faring all that well, anyway.

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