Picture of the day

I got this earlier tonight from Hot Air reader Dave T in Los Angeles, who swears he saw this across the street from CBS Studios in West Hollywood.  He sent it from his iPhone, with this note:

I’m always surprised to see conservative guerilla art in LA. But considering it’s only been a week since O’Keefe and Giles’ first ACORN tape was released, seeing this was downright shocking.

If this is on the level, it’s certainly positioned for maximum effect:

On the level or not, it made my evening.

Update: Via Midas in the comments, Media Bistro reports it’s legit — and it’s gone viral in LA:

The Eastsider LA has an interesting picture of Gary Leonard photographing a spray-painted sign on the exterior wall of Shepard Fairey‘s studio. The sign reads “ACORN Funded Prostitution Zone” and its location suggests that Fairey or someone in his crew is behind the image. Or maybe it’s just another local graffiti artist who wanted to share with his colleagues.

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