ACORN worker's husbands still alive after all

In the latest ACORN video from BigGovernment’s James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles, Theresa Kaelke brags that she can help the erstwhile pimps get away with anything, including tax evasion and child prostitution.  After all, she tells the two undercover journalists, she killed her husband after first setting up a cover story about being a battered wife, and she turned tricks herself  without paying a dime to the IRS.  That comes as big news to one of  her former husbands, whom the Riverside Press-Enterprise finds alive and relatively well at the age of 66 in nearby Newberry Springs:


Since she claimed on the video to have killed her husband, two San Bernardino police homicide detectives interviewed her at the office Tuesday.

Police said they have been in contact with Kaelke’s former husbands and the homicide claims do not appear accurate.

“At this point, we can’t prove that there’s anything to her statement,” said San Bernardino police Sgt. Dave Dillon. “We can’t show that ever happened.”

One of her ex-husbands, Ronald Kaelke, 66, of Newberry Springs, said he was unaware of any investigation or that his ex-wife had made any claims of murder.

The couple divorced in 1987, but attempted to reconcile and lived together from 2002 to 2005, Ronald Kaelke said in a telephone interview. In 2007, the couple traded allegations of domestic violence and received separate restraining orders against each other, he said.

“As far as her murdering an ex-husband, that’s news to me,” Ronald Kaelke said. “She’s definitely got problems and goes off the wall sometimes.”

And indeed they do have separate restraining orders, as this search of the records shows.  Small wonder, too, since the video also shows Kaelke threatening to kill the man to whom she refers the pair for more advice if he talks about their case.  Kaelke and ACORN now say she was just playing along, but her history indicates that she’s not always playing when she makes threats.


As a side note, I do appreciate the subtle snark in the P-E’s reporting.  “Police said they have been in contact with Kaelke’s former husbands and the homicide claims do not appear accurate.”  Well, if they’re in touch with all of her former husbands, the claims aren’t accurate by definition.  It’s a reporter’s slight dig, a little nudge to the ribs that fortunately made it through the editing process.

Was Kaelke just playing along with a joke?  That seems like a big stretch.  Kaelke sounds more like a blowhard who likes to impress people with wild stories about herself.

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David Strom 6:00 PM | February 27, 2024