Video: DeMint challenges Obama to line-by-line review of ObamaCare

Jim DeMint gave Greta van Susteren a preview of Barack Obama’s speech tonight in front of the joint session of Congress, and a failing grade almost 24 hours in advance. Why? DeMint explains that Obama thinks he can fix everything with “just words,” but that Congress needs something a lot more substantial than just another sales pitch. DeMint’s tired of pitches, generalities, and ambiguities. It’s time to get down to specifics, which DeMint believes Obama cannot defend — and perhaps doesn’t even know (via The Right Scoop):

But I want to hear him defend his bill. I want him to open up the house bill that was passed and actually point to sections…and say it is in there, read it… I don’t want to hear any generalities, I don’t want to hear any more false promises… He needs to defend his plan and not just criticize those of us who are presenting alternatives.

Van Susteren mentions a promise Obama made to take Congress through the health-care reform bill line by line, and asks DeMint if he’d do that with Obama. DeMint says he’d gladly do it, but one has to wonder who would be the sherpa and who would be the novice in that arrangement. Will Obama speak in generalities tonight in order to make a sales pitch or just out of ignorance of the details?