More Van Jones: A Reverend Wright moment?

Thanks to the work done by Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit, an army of Davids has begun scouring the Internet to find more about Barack Obama adviser Van Jones and his bent towards 9/11 Trutherism.  Hot Air reader Geoff A digs out this nugget from 2002 at the first anniversary of 9/11 in San Francisco, when Jones appeared at the Embarcadero for a protest.  Here’s the description, which sounds familiar to anyone who followed the Obama presidential campaign (emphases mine):

# Wednesday, Sept. 11, 5:30 AM – 7:30 PM
Justin Herman Plaza, Embarcadero at Market Street
Join us in commemorating the tragedy of Sept. 11, 2001, and envisioning a
world free of war and violence with a full day of art, culture, spirit,
politics, and words of hope. 5:30 AM Buddhist Peace Service
12 Noon Break Bread for Peace Lunch Program
5:30 PM Concert w/Holly Near, Michael Franti, Ram Dass and others
peace [at]
5:30 AM Buddhist Peace Service Led by the San Francisco Zen Center
(impact time at the World Trade Center)
12 Noon -1:00 PM Break Bread Lunch Program Music and words of
truth from diverse communities that have experienced violence
1-3pm United My Ass!
If terrorism is a form of warfare, and war terrorizes, then what
exactly is a war on terror? got freedom? God ‘Less America
5:30 PM Peace Gathering & Concert
Performers and presenters include:
Michael Franti, Holly Near, Ram Dass
Van Jones, Medea Benjamin, Dance Brigade
Sat Santokh Khalsa, Guru Singh, Rabbi Michael Lerner
Goapele, New Soul Singers, and others!

“God ‘Less America”? Sounds a little like this, doesn’t it?

Note, too, the URL on the event: is now something apolitical, but using the Wayback machine, one sees the incoherent political manifesto that was posted there.

Who were the presenters besides Jones?

Perhaps Jones can argue that he was invited to provide ideological balance to the proceedings, but that seems as unlikely as his statement that he didn’t read the 9/11 Truth petition before signing it.  He has been deeply immersed in the paranoid-conspiracy movement for years.

Update: Jones also worked on an anti-war underground magazine, although it doesn’t appear to have partaken in the 9/11 truth kool-aid.  It’s really just standard anti-war prattle, and it doesn’t appear to have survived for long.

Update II: Jake Tapper keeps asking questions.