Obamateurism of the Day

Today’s entry comes from Naked Emperor News, via Yid with Lid, focusing on an inconsistency in Barack Obama’s arguments for the public option in ObamaCare.  Obama has a tough enough time remaining consistent within the same event in his arguments, but NEN makes it impossible by finding a clip from 2006, when Obama criticized Medicare Part D. Obama didn’t like the idea of mixing public and private efforts within the framework of a government entitlement program at that time:

2006: “And I think a good example is health care. The President allowed drug companies and insurance companies to help write the prescription drug bill. We now have the worst of both worlds. We have the price gouging of the private sector and the bureaucracy of the public sector.”

2009: “The only thing that I have said is that having a public option in that menu would provide competition for insurance companies to keep them honest.”

Actually, there’s another hypocrisy as well. Isn’t Obama the guy who cut the deal with the pharmaceutical manufacturers to get their support — and to win their advertising dollars? Isn’t that kind of like saying that doctors want to get rich off of tonsillectomies and amputations, but his plan leaves them in charge of our medical care?

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